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GoFundify Group Canada Announces the Opening of Their New Fundraising Platform

By Michael Latimer
Senior Developer
GoFundify Team
January 1st, 2019

Ottawa, ON – Locally owned fundify, a division of the GoFundify Group Canada, announced today that it has officially launched its new fundraising platform and website. The website is built with the Phusion Passenger Enterprise application running on high-performance Nginx Servers. It is a robust rock solid, feature rich, security enhanced application designed to meet todays explosive fundraising demands.

The website supports a wide variety of Canadian and International fundraising Campaigns including personal causes, official charities and business start-ups. Designed to be simple to use, fundify allows easy Campaign creation with adaptive payment processing features.

Unlike its competitors, fundify has developed a streamlined user-friendly platform to maintain competitive low operating costs. These savings are passed on to the end user by way of reduced processing fees. Fundify is now the lowest priced commercial fundraising platform in Canada.


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