Assistance for youth sports mentoring program.

by Daniel Johnson
Assistance required for passport renewal,which involves the repayment of a loan with interest to the US Consulate or a trip to Israel.
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Funded Contributed Dec 8, 2017

Bridge of Hope

by Solojour Alfredino tembo
I am raising amount of money for my Bridge of Hope school of orphans and donations will go towards classroom projects.
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Funded Contributed Dec 10, 2017

Help Firefighters' Families in Plasco Accident

by Maziar Hosseini
Let's help the affected family of lost Firefighters in horrific accident of Plasco Building
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Funded Contributed Jun 3, 2017

Low Income Daycare

by Carla Engel Ludwig
Low-income daycare for single moms. We need you. The moms need you. Their kids need you. Please help this important cause.
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Funded Contributed Oct 16, 2019

Paramedic Ride

by Canadian Paramedics
Support Canadian Paramedics in their cause to build a Monument dedicated to all Paramedics who have lost their lives in the line-of-duty.
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Funded Contributed Oct 27, 2019