Kits Costs

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A campaign by Tom Dubé
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Kits Costs

I don't think life in Montreal is getting better.  So many things have turned hard but I have been able to overcome them.  When I come home she is always waiting for me and eager to socialize with me.  Kit started losing her energy then her behavior changed.  It was wasn't until I noticed changes in her litter box I realized something was wrong.  $580 later and the bad news.  I never thought animals could get kidney disease but I have now found out and it sucks.  So not much we can do except medications crushed in her food everyday. I have noticed a definite improvement since the pills.  They say if controlled by the pills she can go another few years.  The cost is just too much for me right now and I ask any of my friends or others to help with the pills. The next 6 months worth are $290. Its not a lot but more than I can afford right now.  I'm thankful for your help and hope to see you all soon.