Help Firefighters' Families in Plasco Accident

A campaign by Maziar Hosseini

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Help Firefighters' Families in Plasco Accident

At least 30 firefighters were killed after a high-rise building was engulfed in flames and collapsed in Tehran, Iran.

This cause is to help the families of the firefighters who lost their lives or were injured in this tragic accident.

Many of us are living in a much safer society, in peace and wealth, and it is very difficult to imagine losing a father or brother. What is most tragic is that the kids and the families in present situation are suffering. 

My name is Maziar Hosseini and I am living in Toronto, Canada and my heart goes out to families who lost someone in this horrific fire. 

My goal is to invite all Iranians and compassionate people all over the world to come and join together to support the families and friends affected.

This campaign is not political and it's only goal is to help some Iranian kids who lost their father, brother, or wives who lost a husband. These Heros put their lives on the line protecting society from immense danger.  

Any human who sees the pictures and videos of this incident would be affected and I am sure he or she would like to help.

So do not wait and let's start the donation here.

Whatever money is collected will be distributed to families of the affected firefighters and all the details will be announced after the campaigns end.

We Iranians are very supportive people and we care about humanity and our society, so let's show the world that we are here to support each other and that we care about our Hero firefighters.

Please note when the campaign finishes we will identify the family of the firefighters who were injured or lost their lives, and we will provide evidence of disbursement to all of them.   

Thank you for supporting your hamvatan! 


Maziar Hosseini Toronto Canada January 21 2017