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A campaign by Matt Galarneau
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  • Matt Galarneau July 4, 2017

    July 4th, 2017.

    Corrado (Dino) Iacono, just recently received great news. After two surgeries and treatments, the MRI scan of his body shows him as cancer free. He will however have to get scanned every six months for the next five years and only after that is he truly considered to be cancer free.

    Dino would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generosity, visits, monetary donations and delicious meals provided for him and his family.

    Dino and his wife are often at a loss for words and overwhelmed at the kindness they have received from others and would like to express their gratitude to everyone.

    Dino still has a long road to full recovery and will require months and months of rehabilitation in order to return to active duty.

    Meal-Train will remain open until August to donate a meal click here.  This fundify campaign will close in two days and this is a last request to share on social media and make any last donations.  Thank you.


    Dino and family receiving a card from the Paramedic Help Fund and the PPAO last week.