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Understanding Campaign Fees

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Understanding Campaign Fees

Posted by GoFundify Team on October 27, 2016
Like most fundraising platforms or websites, fundify assigns each Campaign processing fees prior to payout.  Some companies charge as high as 15% with most charging somewhere between 5% and 8% plus transaction and additional processing fees.  We remain transparent and committed to offering our Service at the lowest possible cost.

Fundify strives to streamline and simply our Service especially for the contributor.  All donations are seamless and a contributor is never charged a Service fee, commission fees, transaction fees or any other associated fees.  

Campaign funds go directly into a reserved encrypted secure holding fund awaiting payout processing. Upon payout fundify assigns a very low 2.9% Campaign fee and any 3rd party payment processing fees required by all online transaction services.

Due to their low fees and enhanced security, PayPal and Stripe are fundify's exclusive 3rd party payment processors.  This allows a contributor worldwide trusted online security along with a wide variety of payment and currency options* 

Contributors have the option to select either PayPal or Stripe to process their contribution. Fees should always be a consideration when determining the final goals of a Campaign.

PayPal & Stripe Fees

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

Fundify Fees

2.9% + zero per transaction


$10.00 donation less fees = $9.12 available for payout


$0.29 Fundify Campaign Fee
$0.29 + $0.30 = $0.59 PayPal or Stripe Processing Fee
$10.00 - $0.29 - $0.59 = $9.12

*additional currency exchange fees may apply based on location and trending market value.

We hope this fee guide is simple and easy to understand.  

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