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Promoting Your Campaign

Posted by GoFundify Team on October 27, 2016
Social Media 

The number one proven method is to leverage the power of social media.  Many Campaigns can attribute their success directly to social media and their creators own personal network. The GoFundify team considers the top 3 powerhouse social media platforms to be facebook, twitter & Pinterest. If you don't have accounts at each of these it's time to do so and start building your own network.  Each of these powerhouses along with the hundreds of other social media platforms are an ideal place to promote your Campaign plus it's absolutely free

From your Campaign page with your facebook, twitter or pinterest open and logged in click the icons at the bottom of your Campaign page. This will open a share dialogue box. Before posting add your own personal message about your Campaign and then include a request that your friends or followers "Share This".  Always like and follow your own posts from your timelines.  Include #hashtags that are meaningful.  The more often your post is shared the faster your Campaign will reach its goal. Consider this a daily task. As well, you can also find an email icon to auto generate your Campaign link directly into an email to send to family and friends. 

Campaign Updates

Viewers, followers and contributors alike appreciate reading updates about your Campaign. Consider regular updates with new information about your cause. Grateful thank you's to your contributors for your progress are always welcome. Contributors often appreciate acknowledgements for their generosity. Your Campaign about section allows for edits and many image uploads; remember a picture can say a thousand words.

Embed Link

The embed link allows you to copy & paste 4 different link formats.  The first is the Campaign video URL link if one is uploaded.  The second is useful if you understand websites or scripts: it will generate the Campaign badge as seen on the home page. The third is a direct link to your Campaign page and the fourth, often the most useful, is also a direct link to your Campaign page but with a discrete shortened URL.  

Your Profile

Contributors will often check the Campaign creators profile link to get to know more about you and also verify your identity. Make sure you have successfully uploaded your user avatar from your profile settings tab.  If you haven't connected your fundify account with facebook its a good time to do so.  Upon login select connect with facebook.  This will pull your facebook profile image directly to your fundify profile. As well, from your settings tab you may also add a contact email and any website if applicable that may echo your cause. Remember other users and contributors may also send you direct messages.  Make sure to check your profile messages tab often. Contributors will also see what other Campaigns you may have contributed too.  Consider making contributions to other awesome Campaigns yourself.  It will go along way to demonstrate your own generosity.


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