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Increasing Campaign Contributions

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Increasing Campaign Contributions

Posted by GoFundify Team on November 27, 2016

Check List


A successful Campaign is built on quality content.  The Campaign editor allows for unlimited text, images and links to be added to a Campaign. The more text information you can provide along with links and images the more traffic your Campaign will receive. You can add website links associated with your cause and any social media links that may add authenticity to your Campaign. Make your Campaign visually appealing.  A successful Campaign almost always has a genuine heartfelt detailed story with several images and links.


Your user profile should include your user avatar, an email address and quality content within your user bio section.  Contributors need to associate the creator to the Campaign.  Authenticity is just as important in your profile as it is in your Campaign.  Your profile also displays any contributions you have personally made to your Campaign or any other fundify Campaign.  Consider making contributions to other inspiring Campaigns yourself.  It will go a long way to demonstrate your own generosity.


The Campaign should be updated regularly in the “Updates” field within the Campaign edit box. Contributors have a vested interest in your cause and appreciate regular progress updates along with your genuine appreciative comments. 


Contributors want to see a Campaign creator regularly engaged with their Campaign and acknowledging their contributors and their comments – provide regular feedback and appreciation for contributions.


Leverage social media and share, share, share.  See our Blog article on Promoting Your Campaign.


Use the fundify rewards feature and develop interesting and unique rewards to promote your Campaign. More information on rewards can be found here.


The GoFundify team selects the best Campaigns and features them first on the fundify home page and in the Featured Campaigns category.  Campaigns selected as featured receive more traffic and views than non-featured Campaigns with a greater chance of being successful.  If your Campaign meets all of the above criteria and you have liked our facebook page, send a message to the GoFundify team requesting your Campaign be selected as an inspiring featured Campaign.


The fundify home page link Trending Now always highlights Campaigns that are frequently being shared on social media.  This allows more traffic and exponential increases in sharing resulting in increased contributions.  The GoFundify team monitors these trends and selects designated Campaigns to be highlighted.  To have your Campaign listed as Trending Now share your Campaign links frequently and ask others to share them too and maybe your Campaign will be selected.

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