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Fundify - How It Works

Posted by GoFundify Team on November 27, 2016
Fundify is an online fundraising and crowdfunding website where anyone can raise funds for a wide variety of causes or business start-ups. The possibilities are endless. Fundify focuses on streamlining fundraising for both the Campaign contributor and creator. It is not designed to be flashy or advertisement heavy - just easy and simple to use. Sign up, login, build your profile and create your first Campaign - it's that easy and it only takes a few minutes. Check out our Blog links below to help get you started.

Useful Links

Creating Your First Campaign
Building Campaign Rewards
Promoting Your Campaign
Understanding Campaign Fees
Creating & Joining Groups


A Campaign

A genuine cause, charity or business start-up that meets our Terms.  

The Campaign Creator

The entity or person raising funds for a genuine cause, charity or business start-up.

The Campaign Contributor

The entity or person donating or contributing funds to a genuine cause, charity or business start-up.


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