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Creating & Joining Groups

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Creating & Joining Groups

Posted by GoFundify Team on October 27, 2016
What is a Group?

A group is a category of a specific cause or event that more than one Campaign creator can align multiple users and Campaign creators together.  Here is an example of how to use a group.

Your city is hosting an event like a run or walk for a dedicated cause. The group would represent the cause and each participant in the event would join the group and create their own Campaign representing the group's cause.

Each user or Campaign creator can be searched and indexed and the group administrator can provide regular event or progress updates. Each member of a group can see other members of the same group and send direct messages between group members.

A group is a great way to unify members and promote the same cause.

Any user can create a group.  It is suggested they have first created at least one Campaign and assigned the Campaign to the group they have created.

Anyone can join a group even a user or contributor.  Each group owner becomes an administrator of their group and can invite members and approve or control a members access.

Joining a group is simple.  Navigate to the groups page - select an available group and click "Join". The group administrator will review and approve membership.  Once approved you will have access to invite others, post updates and send messages.

Creating a group is also simple. Navigate to your user profile and click "Add Group".  Fill in all the fields.

Group Image
Group Name
Website (if applicable)
Group Bio

Click "Save" and your done.

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