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Requesting Campaign Payouts

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Requesting Campaign Payouts

Posted by GoFundify Team on October 27, 2016
Requesting a payout of all contributions is simple. First make sure in your user profile settings the Payment Email Address For Receiving Payments is complete and accurate. Once your Campaign is completed fundify will review all contributor's donations to verify all payment transactions are complete.

Once completed fundify will transfer all funds held in escrow less all transaction fees along with a detailed Campaign invoice to your Payment Email Address within 5 business days. You can elect a Bank Draft be express delivered or choose a PayPal or Stripe transfer payment or an email money transfer (bank email limits may apply). Its that simple.  

For Campaigns greater than $10,000.00 with a duration greater than 30 days fundify will provide partial payments prior to the end of a Campaign if requested based on a users need.  In this case just contact us.


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