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Business Start-up Basics

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Business Start-up Basics

Posted by GoFundify Team on November 20, 2016
Business Start-ups

Business start-ups are often campaigned slightly different than causes and charities.  Most leverage the fundify "All or Nothing" feature.  Although not required, selecting this feature when submitting your Campaign for approval will allow a Campaign creator access to the "adaptive" payment processing feature. This feature allows funds to be contributed but stay in a pending state until the Campaign has reached or surpassed its fundraising goal. If the Campaign fundraising goal is not met within the defined timeline or duration* reserved funds are released and a contributor is not charged.  

The fundify rewards feature would usually be utilized for a business start-up Campaign. This feature allows a Campaign to offer rewards based on a defined contribution level. More information on the rewards feature can be found here.

The GoFundify team is always available to assist in maximizing your Campaign content for effective results. Contact the team here.

*Maximum Campaign duration for adaptive payment processing is 60 days.

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