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Fundify - How It Works

Posted by GoFundify Team on November 27, 2016
Fundify is an online fundraising and crowdfunding website where anyone can raise funds for a wide variety of causes or business start-ups. The possibilities are endless. Fundify focuses on streamlining fundraising for both the Campaign contributor and creator. It is not designed to be flashy or advertisement heavy - just easy and simple to use. Sign up, login, build your profile and create your first Campaign - it's that easy and it only takes a few minutes. Check out our Blog links below to help get you started.

Useful Links

Creating Your First Campaign
Building Campaign Rewards
Promoting Your Campaign
Understanding Campaign Fees
Creating & Joining Groups


A Campaign

A genuine cause, charity or business start-up that meets our Terms.  

The Campaign Creator

The entity or person raising funds for a genuine cause, charity or business start-up.

The Campaign Contributor

The entity or person donating or contributing funds to a genuine cause, charity or business start-up.


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Creating Your First Campaign

Posted by GoFundify Team on November 27, 2016
The GoFundify team has done its very best to simplify creating a Campaign. 

Step 1.
Formalize your Campaign ideas, thoughts, fundraising goals and objectives.

Step 2.
From your profile select Create Campaign.

Step 3.
From the pop up box complete the following required fields.

Name of Campaign

This should be a clear simple name easily understood by a contributor.  It should be directly related to your Campaign's cause and not too long as it is also the end portion of your personal Campaign's page URL:  This is the page that you, friends, family and others alike will share on social media websites like facebook and twitter.  The more times this page is shared the faster your Campaign will reach its goal.  Once this field is completed you can save and return to the campaign as many times as needed before publishing and approval without losing your content.

About Your Campaign

What is your Campaign and cause?  Tell the world what they need to know to contribute to your Campaign.  It should be unique, creative, honest and straight from the heart. Tell contributors what you will do with the contributions - more information is often better. 

Above the text edit field you will find six icons to help you make the Campaign about section more presentable and professional. 


You can use each of these icons or simply type plain text.  Each icon in order does the following - Bold Your Text - Italicize Your Text - Add Lists to Your Text - Insert Bullets Before Your Text - Add Links to Your Text & Insert Images to Your About Section.

Badge Summary

This is probably the most important part of your Campaign and the 140 character summary that appears on the home (main) page icon Campaign badge; the Campaign category page and the Featured Campaign section, if selected as an "inspiring" Campaign by the GoFundify team.  Be creative and draw in a contributor's attention.


This is an mandatory field.  Enter your Campaign's location - Country, Province/State & City/Town. Simply start typing your location and it will auto generate options for you to select.  This will allow users to search local Campaigns such as yours.  If your Campaign is local or being shared with local potential contributors completing this field is very useful.


Select the closest most appropriate available category that reflects your Campaign.


This is an optional field to align your Campaign with a group.  You can learn more about groups here.

Video - URL

This is an optional field.  This is the URL (Link or web address) of either a YouTube, Vimeo or facebook video that you may use alternatively as the Campaign Featured video instead of a Campaign photo or image. Simply copy and paste the video URL here and fundify will automatically load your new Campaign video.

Upload Your Own Image 

This is a required field if a video URL is not used. Click the "Upload Your Own Image" link and upload a catchy applicable image that effectively represents your Campaign. The image should be at least 610px wide by 344px.  You can upload and change this image as required to suit your needs.  This image will be displayed as a cover for your Campaign main image as well as your icon badge image displayed on home page and shared on social media. 

Fundraising Goal

This is the final Campaign goal in dollars. The minimum goal is $500.00.  The goal should be realistic and in direct proportion to your Campaign objectives.  Although there is no maximum goal, an overreaching goal will dissuade and distract contributors. 

Campaign Strategy 

Choose either "All or Nothing" or "Keep it All".  An all or nothing campaign refunds all contributor's donations if the goal is not met within the selected duration time frame.  This option is usually not selected for cause and charity fundraising however can be useful in Campaigns such as business start-ups. The keep it all strategy is more common and all contributor's donations are reserved and available for payout regardless of duration time frame or Campaign goal. 

Campaign Duration in Days

How long will your Campaign run? Select the length in days - minimum is 7 days and the maximum is 90 days. Most Campaigns run at least 60 days. For "All or Nothing" Campaigns the maximum is 60 days.

Contribution Amount

Select "Hide" or "Show" the amount a donor contributes on the Campaign page.  Most people like to be acknowledged for their generosity.  This selection is applicable to all contributors including anonymous contributors.
Campaign Tab & Rewards

A valuable part of your Campaign used after you save your first Campaign is the Campaign and rewards tabs.  Learn more here.  For business start-ups review this article here.

Step 4.
Review, save and submit your Campaign for approval and publication.  

Step 5. Share your Campaign with friends, family, co-workers, and on social media.

Your Done!

Now watch the green slider bar grow as your contributions increase.  The more you share the greener your Campaign becomes.
Good Luck ! 

Increasing Campaign Contributions

Posted by GoFundify Team on November 27, 2016

Check List


A successful Campaign is built on quality content.  The Campaign editor allows for unlimited text, images and links to be added to a Campaign. The more text information you can provide along with links and images the more traffic your Campaign will receive. You can add website links associated with your cause and any social media links that may add authenticity to your Campaign. Make your Campaign visually appealing.  A successful Campaign almost always has a genuine heartfelt detailed story with several images and links.


Your user profile should include your user avatar, an email address and quality content within your user bio section.  Contributors need to associate the creator to the Campaign.  Authenticity is just as important in your profile as it is in your Campaign.  Your profile also displays any contributions you have personally made to your Campaign or any other fundify Campaign.  Consider making contributions to other inspiring Campaigns yourself.  It will go a long way to demonstrate your own generosity.


The Campaign should be updated regularly in the “Updates” field within the Campaign edit box. Contributors have a vested interest in your cause and appreciate regular progress updates along with your genuine appreciative comments. 


Contributors want to see a Campaign creator regularly engaged with their Campaign and acknowledging their contributors and their comments – provide regular feedback and appreciation for contributions.


Leverage social media and share, share, share.  See our Blog article on Promoting Your Campaign.


Use the fundify rewards feature and develop interesting and unique rewards to promote your Campaign. More information on rewards can be found here.


The GoFundify team selects the best Campaigns and features them first on the fundify home page and in the Featured Campaigns category.  Campaigns selected as featured receive more traffic and views than non-featured Campaigns with a greater chance of being successful.  If your Campaign meets all of the above criteria and you have liked our facebook page, send a message to the GoFundify team requesting your Campaign be selected as an inspiring featured Campaign.


The fundify home page link Trending Now always highlights Campaigns that are frequently being shared on social media.  This allows more traffic and exponential increases in sharing resulting in increased contributions.  The GoFundify team monitors these trends and selects designated Campaigns to be highlighted.  To have your Campaign listed as Trending Now share your Campaign links frequently and ask others to share them too and maybe your Campaign will be selected.

Questions ?

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Business Start-up Basics

Posted by GoFundify Team on November 20, 2016
Business Start-ups

Business start-ups are often campaigned slightly different than causes and charities.  Most leverage the fundify "All or Nothing" feature.  Although not required, selecting this feature when submitting your Campaign for approval will allow a Campaign creator access to the "adaptive" payment processing feature. This feature allows funds to be contributed but stay in a pending state until the Campaign has reached or surpassed its fundraising goal. If the Campaign fundraising goal is not met within the defined timeline or duration* reserved funds are released and a contributor is not charged.  

The fundify rewards feature would usually be utilized for a business start-up Campaign. This feature allows a Campaign to offer rewards based on a defined contribution level. More information on the rewards feature can be found here.

The GoFundify team is always available to assist in maximizing your Campaign content for effective results. Contact the team here.

*Maximum Campaign duration for adaptive payment processing is 60 days.

Obtaining Customer Support

Posted by GoFundify Team on November 20, 2016
How To Get Help?

Fundify makes obtaining help and support easy.  It can be done in many ways.


Our Blog contains answers to most questions a user may have including helpful tips.  If after reviewing the Blog articles your questions remain unanswered just contact us from a method below.

Contact Form

A simple contact form that can be found here.

Instant Message

Exclusively for registered users that have an account on fundify.  This is a direct link to our GoFundify team of support specialists.  A logged in user can send a direct message to the team here


General support can be obtained by sending an email to
Media inquires can be directed to
Business inquires can be directed to or 1-844-700-6453


The GoFundify team monitors our facebook page 24/7 for instant messenger support. Use our support icon below from any enabled device or facebook messenger.

The GoFundify Team

Building Campaign Rewards

Posted by GoFundify Team on November 19, 2016
Campaign Rewards

Increase the number of contributions and Campaign views by offering rewards based on defined contribution levels. Rewards can be managed from the rewards tab on the Campaign page only after you have saved your first Campaign.


Contribute 20$ = Reward #1
Contribute 50$ = Reward #2
Contribute 100$ = Reward #3

Your Campaign Tabs

The following tabs help you manage your Campaign.


The Rewards tab helps you manage and develop your rewards along with adding images and text. Rewards can be offered to a contributor but after a reward has been claimed by a contributed it cannot be edited or removed. A reward can be a memento, a small gift, a donation tax receipt*, a deal to a business start-up or almost anything as long as it meets our Terms.

The Contributions tab tracks all contributions including a users email address and shipping address used for delivering a reward - if applicable.

The Stats tab tracks internet traffic to your Campaign.  This allows you to monitor and edit your Campaign's success based on how well it is doing.  As well, you can download a full report of all your Campaign stats.

The Files tab allows you to upload addition files to assist with Campaign presentation such as images and video or downloadable files used in offering rewards.

*receipts applicable to  fundify verified charities only

Promoting Your Campaign

Posted by GoFundify Team on October 27, 2016
Social Media 

The number one proven method is to leverage the power of social media.  Many Campaigns can attribute their success directly to social media and their creators own personal network. The GoFundify team considers the top 3 powerhouse social media platforms to be facebook, twitter & Pinterest. If you don't have accounts at each of these it's time to do so and start building your own network.  Each of these powerhouses along with the hundreds of other social media platforms are an ideal place to promote your Campaign plus it's absolutely free

From your Campaign page with your facebook, twitter or pinterest open and logged in click the icons at the bottom of your Campaign page. This will open a share dialogue box. Before posting add your own personal message about your Campaign and then include a request that your friends or followers "Share This".  Always like and follow your own posts from your timelines.  Include #hashtags that are meaningful.  The more often your post is shared the faster your Campaign will reach its goal. Consider this a daily task. As well, you can also find an email icon to auto generate your Campaign link directly into an email to send to family and friends. 

Campaign Updates

Viewers, followers and contributors alike appreciate reading updates about your Campaign. Consider regular updates with new information about your cause. Grateful thank you's to your contributors for your progress are always welcome. Contributors often appreciate acknowledgements for their generosity. Your Campaign about section allows for edits and many image uploads; remember a picture can say a thousand words.

Embed Link

The embed link allows you to copy & paste 4 different link formats.  The first is the Campaign video URL link if one is uploaded.  The second is useful if you understand websites or scripts: it will generate the Campaign badge as seen on the home page. The third is a direct link to your Campaign page and the fourth, often the most useful, is also a direct link to your Campaign page but with a discrete shortened URL.  

Your Profile

Contributors will often check the Campaign creators profile link to get to know more about you and also verify your identity. Make sure you have successfully uploaded your user avatar from your profile settings tab.  If you haven't connected your fundify account with facebook its a good time to do so.  Upon login select connect with facebook.  This will pull your facebook profile image directly to your fundify profile. As well, from your settings tab you may also add a contact email and any website if applicable that may echo your cause. Remember other users and contributors may also send you direct messages.  Make sure to check your profile messages tab often. Contributors will also see what other Campaigns you may have contributed too.  Consider making contributions to other awesome Campaigns yourself.  It will go along way to demonstrate your own generosity.


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Understanding Campaign Fees

Posted by GoFundify Team on October 27, 2016
Like most fundraising platforms or websites, fundify assigns each Campaign processing fees prior to payout.  Some companies charge as high as 15% with most charging somewhere between 5% and 8% plus transaction and additional processing fees.  We remain transparent and committed to offering our Service at the lowest possible cost.

Fundify strives to streamline and simply our Service especially for the contributor.  All donations are seamless and a contributor is never charged a Service fee, commission fees, transaction fees or any other associated fees.  

Campaign funds go directly into a reserved encrypted secure holding fund awaiting payout processing. Upon payout fundify assigns a very low 2.9% Campaign fee and any 3rd party payment processing fees required by all online transaction services.

Due to their low fees and enhanced security, PayPal and Stripe are fundify's exclusive 3rd party payment processors.  This allows a contributor worldwide trusted online security along with a wide variety of payment and currency options* 

Contributors have the option to select either PayPal or Stripe to process their contribution. Fees should always be a consideration when determining the final goals of a Campaign.

PayPal & Stripe Fees

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

Fundify Fees

2.9% + zero per transaction


$10.00 donation less fees = $9.12 available for payout


$0.29 Fundify Campaign Fee
$0.29 + $0.30 = $0.59 PayPal or Stripe Processing Fee
$10.00 - $0.29 - $0.59 = $9.12

*additional currency exchange fees may apply based on location and trending market value.

We hope this fee guide is simple and easy to understand.  

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Requesting Campaign Payouts

Posted by GoFundify Team on October 27, 2016
Requesting a payout of all contributions is simple. First make sure in your user profile settings the Payment Email Address For Receiving Payments is complete and accurate. Once your Campaign is completed fundify will review all contributor's donations to verify all payment transactions are complete.

Once completed fundify will transfer all funds held in escrow less all transaction fees along with a detailed Campaign invoice to your Payment Email Address within 5 business days. You can elect a Bank Draft be express delivered or choose a PayPal or Stripe transfer payment or an email money transfer (bank email limits may apply). Its that simple.  

For Campaigns greater than $10,000.00 with a duration greater than 30 days fundify will provide partial payments prior to the end of a Campaign if requested based on a users need.  In this case just contact us.


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Creating & Joining Groups

Posted by GoFundify Team on October 27, 2016
What is a Group?

A group is a category of a specific cause or event that more than one Campaign creator can align multiple users and Campaign creators together.  Here is an example of how to use a group.

Your city is hosting an event like a run or walk for a dedicated cause. The group would represent the cause and each participant in the event would join the group and create their own Campaign representing the group's cause.

Each user or Campaign creator can be searched and indexed and the group administrator can provide regular event or progress updates. Each member of a group can see other members of the same group and send direct messages between group members.

A group is a great way to unify members and promote the same cause.

Any user can create a group.  It is suggested they have first created at least one Campaign and assigned the Campaign to the group they have created.

Anyone can join a group even a user or contributor.  Each group owner becomes an administrator of their group and can invite members and approve or control a members access.

Joining a group is simple.  Navigate to the groups page - select an available group and click "Join". The group administrator will review and approve membership.  Once approved you will have access to invite others, post updates and send messages.

Creating a group is also simple. Navigate to your user profile and click "Add Group".  Fill in all the fields.

Group Image
Group Name
Website (if applicable)
Group Bio

Click "Save" and your done.

Group Page


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